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Please read the "Guidelines" section below before posting one of the moveset questions.


The following guidelines are required. Staff will remove responses that don't follow them.

  • Only post competitive movesets, not in-game movesets for use during the main story. Movesets intended for the Battle Tower and similar facilities count as competitive movesets.
  • Include ALL standard set details. This means item, nature, EVs, ability and moves.* These details must be exact.
  • All sets must be legal within the base game. This means we don't accept sets for modded formats like Hackmons (which, for example, allow Pokemon to use moves they don't usually learn). National Dex formats are OK.
  • Post your set as an answer, not a comment. This prevents clutter. Click the 'answer' button instead of the 'comment' button on the bottom-right corner of the original post.
  • Don't steal content, e.g. from Smogon. You can post sets you found elsewhere (even if you didn't come up with them), but don't copy-paste other people's analysis. Use your own words.

The following guidelines help a lot, but we won't remove your post if you don't follow them.

  • Post one moveset per answer. This means other people can vote on them separately. If you have multiple movesets, you can post more than one answer.
  • Mention the intended battle format. For example, Gen 8 Smogon OU or VGC Series 12.
  • Use Showdown-importable formatting. (How?) This is a standard when sharing movesets. Using it will make your post more readable and appear credible. You can find an example below.
  • Be descriptive. You can make a clearer, better-quality response by explaining your strategy, why it is effective, and when it's best utilised.

(Also make note of relevant guidelines from the standard rules list, such as to avoid duplicate answers.)

Please be aware that raw stats are not a substitute for EVs. If you're not experienced with EVs and how to use them, then you shouldn't be giving advice for competitive players. Saying 'choose your own EVs' will not be accepted either, nor will illegal EV spreads (e.g. investments in excess of 510) or inefficient EV spreads (e.g. investing 149 EVs on a level 100 Pokemon).

If you're here to check that your moveset will be allowed, you can stop reading now.


Moveset questions are examples of "endless questions" on PokeBase, which are documented here. We have tight rules surrounding these to maintain organisation. They are listed here in brief:

  • One question per final form only.** Movesets for Pokemon that are not fully evolved belong on their final form's page. See notes for some edge cases where our approach is different.
  • You may not post your own moveset thread.*** This includes when the existing threads don't have something you like, don't suit your Pokemon's ability/nature, haven't been posted yet, etc. We have prioritised keeping the threads organised above covering particular needs like this.
  • You may not request movesets on moveset threads. Unfortunately, it's just bad luck if there's nothing on the threads that helps you. We enforce this to keep every thread organised.

Our philosophy for moveset questions is that they should be a one-stop shop for strategy on a given Pokemon. Responses should not be distributed across a dozen similar questions.


* If you are posting a moveset for an older generation where features like items and abilities do not exist, then you obviously don't need to include those details in your set. Just specify which generation you're posting for, and it is fine.

** We have separate threads for Alolan and Galarian form Pokemon, but generally not for other Pokemon with form differences, e.g. Meowstic and Giratina. We've also retained threads for Pokemon that received evolutions in recent generations, e.g. Farfetch'd. In the future, we may start threads for some Pokemon with multiple evolutions, e.g. Eevee, so sets for them are organised.

*** We allow Little Cup moveset questions separate from the main moveset threads, but as of 2021, they must be posted by an expert (or above). Send one of them a wall message if you would like an LC moveset thread posted.


Below is an example of a moveset response that enacts the above guidelines. It isn't perfect, but it's fit for a purpose and there is an explanation of that.

The set follows Showdown-importable syntax, which has become a standard when sharing movesets for competitive Pokemon. We recommend you use importable syntax.

Gen 7 Battle Spot Singles

Salamence sprite
Salamence @ Salamencite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 188 Def / 68 SpD
Impish Nature
- Roost
- Return
- Roar
- Dragon Dance

This is an alternative to the usual set-up sweeper Mega Salamence, utilising 95 / 130 / 90 defences and a decent defensive typing to deny prominent threats like Blaziken, Landorus-T, Breloom, and Excadrill. The combination of Intimidate and Mega Evolution will shut down most physical attackers, allowing you to use a support move. Roost makes Salamence survivable throughout the game and is a safe option for when it forces a switch. Dragon Dance decreases Salamence's passivity, allowing it to capitalise when it walls an opponent. Roar helps stop sweepers like Mimikyu, Blaziken and Gyarados. The selected EVs prevent Mimikyu from getting an OHKO on Salamence at +2, or a 2KHO at +0. They also prevent Aegislash getting a 2HKO with Shadow Ball.

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