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For example, at the bottom, I'd write "Disclaimer: Do not upvote this." I just want to help get them done so we're not kept waiting extra long.

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MovesetBot needs no help! There is no way for you to make the process quicker, they are not all asked at once for a reason.

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Hee Hee... MovesetBot. :3
Where's the beep?
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No, you may not. We are going in a specific order and it was made clear the bot would be the only one asking them.

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Wow im pretty slow on my phone? This is like the 6th time this has happened >.>
Awwwwwwww. Alright. ._.
And why specific order? What's the idea behind that?
We vote.
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Well ultimately it's PM's descion, and while we appreciate your willingness to help, if PM needed help he'd probably ask the staff. I doubt this would happen, sorry.

Of course PM is always welcome to shove it in my face and say 'sure, why not!" but I doubt it.

Now ive said that he's gonna do it just to troll me. :p

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