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For example, I don't want to post my best set for the particular Pokemon on the moveset question out for it and I don't want to post it in the RMT Battle Subway section either. I'd just want some feedback from people with experience with that Pokemon that can tell me what they find best. Is this acceptable or would I get flagged?

I wouldn't be titling the question e.g. "What is Dragonite's best moveset?" but something on the lines of "Looking for help deciding a few moves on my Dragonite".

Or am I being an idiot and completely missing out on another section to the site!


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If you mean posting on one of the existing moveset questions, No, you won't get flagged. The whole point of the moveset pages is for people to post movesets and for others to improve them. Saying specifically that you want help with your set is fine.

Though don't be disappointed if nobody says anything. It just means that not many people have seen it or others didn't see any problem with it.

However, asking another question will get you flagged.

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