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I know i should probably ask you this on chat pokemaster but my phone battery dies pretty fast and i dont know if ill see you. So what will be done about the questions that are sure to come when the complete 6th generation pokedex is revealed.

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imo, we should just have Experts+ ask all the questions, but slowly so we don't get a clutter of questions or have duplicate questions.
Besides, if only mods are gonna do it, they'll only be able to ask 4 of them every hour, come back on, do the same thing and repeat and repeat... yeah, add Editors in too.

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First, we will wait until all the moves are confirmed (level up, TMs, HMs, egg moves etc).

Then what I will probably do is set up a new user to ask those questions and ask a handful per day.

As with Black & White, we will begin with more popular Pokemon like the starters and those with good stats. There will probably be some kind of poll question for people to suggest which ones to do first.

I also think we might add some more stringent rules such as having to include EVs and natures.

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Can I do the honors of asking the questions? I've been here for a month only
thanks for accepting or reading!
Did you even read my answer?
I can also add a second account if you need help.
oh,make another account, now I get it
No, dammit
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PM already addressed this, Mods will be doing it.

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