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Just wondering cause there have been a few occasions lately where I have searched a moveset and couldn't find a page for it

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The only pokemon that don't have movesets are for NFE's and LC pokemon. PM has said you can ask LC questions when needed, but all NFE pokemon sets are to be posted on the parent's moveset page. For example all Pikachu movesets (God forbid) will be posted on the Raichu page, but if someone requires a Pichu LC set, they can ask the question for it.

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I wuv Pikachu <3
What are NFE's?
NFE = Not Fully Evolved
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We used to have it like that, but in the event that there is a mising pokemon moveset, then it would be asked by MovesetBot to prevent issues of people simply asking a moveset question and getting free upvotes out of it.

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Is there anyway to request a moveset question so that it CAN be made?
You could just go ask pokemaster or the moveset bot.