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By CAP, I mean all official smogon CAP Format Pokemon. I am only asking because the rules say:

No unofficial games or websites: Only questions about official Pokemon games are allowed. There are hundreds of different unofficial games that come and go all the time and have many varying rules; we can't cater to them all. Go and ask on their forums if you have a problem. Two exceptions are Pokemon Online and Pokemon Showdown which are popular battler simulators.

Emphasis that Pokemon Showdown! is an exception :P

Just Curious. Thanks!

I am going to predict yes here. CAP is official and it isn't dead.

The only problem here is not a lot of people play CAP on this site.

If you start asking, people might start playing, tho...
im pretty sure because CAP pokemon aren't official pokemon they be allowed but who am I to know about the sites rules
I meant official Smogon... not that it matters anyway, as I was deeply wrong.

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No, as answered here they are not official Pokemon so we don't allow questions about them.

I can see how it seems to conflict with the Showdown rule exception, but that rule is intended for general questions about the software itself (e.g. how to use it). The problem with made-up Pokemon is there can be an infinite number of them and therefore an infinite number of questions about them. Plus I think it could end up confusing some people over what Pokemon are official and what aren't.

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