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I noticed that, in a lot of moveset questions, the most popular answers don't specify format, abilities, items, EVs, or natures. If low-quality answers are allowed to stay on the threads and be upvoted, then we can't blame people for asking their own moveset questions because they couldn't find any good answers on the official ones. Until the moveset questions get cleaned up, we should stop disallowing moveset questions who want movesets that are detailed and actually good.

I'm putting a lot of emphasis on format because movesets are usually very format-specific. For example, some Pokemon are good at using hydro cannon in 3v3 singles but would never use it in 6v6 singles.

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I think It should be.
>Until the moveset questions get cleaned up, we should stop disallowing moveset questions who want movesets that are detailed and actually good.

If the official moveset questions attract crappy incomplete movesets, why do you think other moveset questions won't?
I believe this will not help anything and only cause more clutter and low quality content.
The fact that someone is actively seeking a good answer will make that person more likely to point the bad answers out to editors and moderators.

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By 'low quality' answers, what are you referring to exactly? There's a bunch of old content from 2010 and 2011 that lacks a lot of detail, but from that point onward, we've disallowed anything that doesn't include EVs and the like. Those threads are old enough that they've accumulated new answers under our heightened moderation approach, so there should be no shortage of passable content on moveset threads. I don't see the flaw in removing new threads, and I think allowing new ones is a bad idea anyway, as explained here.

Is the issue to do with the format? I don't think excluding that is making the content low-quality, but I can understand the frustration at being unable to tell what tier or ruleset the post is following. You can tell at least some of that with context though. For example, the majority of stuff posted in 2013 to 2016 is going to be Gen 6 content. And you can tell if people use the Showdown import format for their set, that they're probably following a Smogon format of some description.

Should we actually require that people specify format? I can guarantee you we'd lose a ton of decent content doing that -- very few new users actually follow the moveset rules, and I can tell this based on the amount of stuff I'm taking down already. A lot of the time, a set that's good in one format would be good in another format anyway. I'm not convinced there's an issue with our current ruleset.

Tl;DR if you're not finding passable content on the moveset threads, you're probably not looking hard enough.

selected by Can you at least hide the answers that are from 2010 and 2011?
There’s only one answer on that one that isn’t a full set. I don’t want to set a precedence to where we’ll end up taking down hundreds of answers on dozens of threads. I don’t see what we gain from it. For me, the bottom line is that we don’t allow content at that level anymore. We shouldn’t need to do much else with those threads.