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I want my Gen 8 CAP team to be rated, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed. I’m not sure because CAP Pokémon aren’t official, so maybe they don’t really count. Anyway, are CAP teams allowed on Rate My Team?

Also, a suggestion, if CAP teams aren’t allowed, can they be? I mean, CAP is a format.

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This was asked 7 years ago, but maybe the answer has changed?
That question links to another question that assumes CAP teams will never be used. Now that Showdown! has a CAP format, I think those teams should be allowed.
Yeah, I think they should too. I’m pretty sure that was answered before the format was created.
I have no problem with letting them be asked myself, but since PM himself ruled it out I'm not confident in just straight up overturning him even if it's old, so I want a few auth to back us up lol

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