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By OMs I am referring to formats such as Monotype LC, STABMons, AAA, Zeroused etc. Are teams of these formats allowed on the RMT section? Do note that the above formats are playable on PS! and have resources on Smogon forums.
What about formats that are not properly defined on PS! but are still played and have resources on Smogon forums such RBY 7u? Are we allowed to post teams for RBY 7u(and similar formats) on the RMT section?
What is the criteria for a format to be valid to post on rmt? Is it:
a) Playable on PS!
b) Has tournaments and resources on Smogon forums.
c) Something else entirely?

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Sounds fine to me.
Another question: are CAP teams allowed?
Should they be? Again, the rules have no restrictions so you could go post a CAP team right now. I would question PokemonDB's place covering CAP at all, though.
CAP teams have been historically not permitted on RMT (though I don't know why). You're unlikely to get a good answer on CAP teams outside of Smogon, though.
Fair enough.

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