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How to get a speedy steelix?

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i thought it was possible to get a Lv.100 with a 298 speed, without hacking

asked Dec 21, 2012 by ubernoob10

3 Answers

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Steelix max speed at Level 100 with 252 Speed EVs and Jolly Nature is 174. Though that seems high, it is not in the grand scale of things. Speedy Steelix is not a very good idea.

Even with Choice Scarf, it only has a speed of 261. Being locked into one move is not good for Steelix. If you do not give hime a + nature, it is 156.

Last point: It is not a good idea, but it is your choice in the end.

answered Dec 21, 2012 by 5th of November
Same thing...
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Give it Rock Polish or Automatize..... Thats your best bet... But Curse and Dragon Tail work better for tanking . just saying.

answered Dec 21, 2012 by SlipperyDevil
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Well,if you really want a speedy steelix,you have to EV its spped stat to the max.Then you give it a choice scarf which increases its speed by 50%.This scarf boosts Speed, but allows the use of only one kind of move.So speedy steelix isnt really good for some reason.

answered Dec 21, 2012 by Exca le roi
What about Rock Polish??