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Do EVs reset after a Pokemon levels up?

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E.G. If a Pokemon has 252 EVs, and it levels up will it keep the EVs, or will they reset to zero?

asked Dec 26, 2012 by Why_You_No?!

2 Answers

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No, they keep it. Unless, you hack them to :T

Source: Experience

answered Dec 26, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
selected Dec 26, 2012 by Why_You_No?!
OK, that's a relief.
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The ONLY WAY a Pokémon's EV ever go down after it obtains some is if you give it a EV-reducing Berry. Otherwise, NO, leveling it up will not reset its EVs.

answered Dec 27, 2012 by Miles07