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If I trade my Togekiss onto my Soulsilver game will it hack it and screw it up?

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asked Jan 1, 2013 by Superboy27
and when i get the national dex can i only then evolve my togetic
No. Why the heck would it? If you can trade it, it won't mess up your game.
I'm pretty sure that you can't trade a Poke'mon from a different region to your game if you don't have the National Pokedex.

2 Answers

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Unless that Togekiss is hacked, then no, it will NOT mess up your game.
However, with knowledge in doing this, you won't be able to see his dex summary until you obtain the National Dex. Also, he will not have a defined dex number until you, once again, get the National Dex. In that case, it will have ??? as his dex number.

Source: Experience

answered Jan 1, 2013 by Lusty
Togekss is in the regional dex of SoulSilver, Leboss...
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NO, it will not

answered Jan 1, 2013 by pokekid5