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Dropped item, where to?

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where do I bring the nimbasa Xtransceiver?

asked Jan 4, 2013 by ubernoob10
...You actually have the option to USE the Xtranceiver in BW2? Hmm.....

2 Answers

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Once you have taken calls from Yancy/Curtis 10 times, they will arrange to meet you in front of the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel, which is located at the far left side on Nimbasa City. There, you will give Yancy/Curtis back their Xtransceiver and you will register each other in your own Xransceiver. After that, Yancy/Curtis will appear in your Xtransceiver to take calls from you at random times, so long as you are at one of these locations.

answered Jan 4, 2013 by ƒιzz
selected May 7, 2013 by ubernoob10
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After the girl/boy calls you enough times she/he will tell you to meet her/him at the Ferris wheel.

answered Jan 4, 2013 by Generekt
then what? sorry if i'm being to spacific