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Is there an easier way to catch Dunsparce?

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I know you can catch it by using shaking grass, but I can only get Audino. Is there an easier way?
Edit-Is there a place without shaking grass?

(I have White 2)

asked Jan 11, 2013 by heracross
edited Jan 11, 2013 by heracross

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Alright, well, I've checked this site and a lot others, and it's official. The only way to get Dunsparce in Black and White2 is from shaking grass. Keep trying, or trade with someone.
Oh, BTW, you know the route you are on just before the city with the Poison Type Gym Leader? I found Dunsparce there, so check around that area.

answered Jan 11, 2013 by Poke'slash
selected Mar 17, 2013 by heracross
But I need one that isnt from shaking grass
Not all those places are shaking grass.
oops....They are. I just checked the internet more. Shoot! I'll find a different method and edit my answer.
ok thanks
Okay, I edited..sadly, there are no other ways except trading.