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How to receive new event Keldeo?

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How do you do it?

asked Jan 26, 2013 by Matthichu
just so everyone knows i have US Black 2

4 Answers

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You must go to Mystery gift at the start of your game and you must connect to wi fi to get it.

answered Jan 26, 2013 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
ill be more specific if you need to just comment
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Go to the "Mystery Gift" bit on the menu when you start up your B2/W2 game, then "Receive Gift". Finally, go to "Receive via Nintendo WFC" . In a minute or two, your game will tell you that you have to go in a Pokemon Center to receive your Keldeo. Do exactly that, and you will get it.
Note: You have to have an empty space in your party.

Source: I did this all myself

answered Jan 26, 2013 by StormBorn
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Well, it's not a Gamestop event, so be glad for that. Basically, go anywhere where you have connection to Wifi, and go to Mystery Gift. Click "Recieve Gift" and then choose "Recieve through Nintendo WFC" to recieve your Pokemon.

answered Jan 26, 2013 by Lusty
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To obtain it, as usual go to the ‘Mystery Gift’ in the menu, ‘Receive Gift’ then ‘Receive via Nintendo WFC’.

Just click on the "Other stuff" in right corner, on this site, and then choose Pokémon News (home page). Here you can see all about the Keldeo event.

answered Jan 26, 2013 by NO1974