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Can you put a Heatran LV.X on a Heatran EX (TCG)?

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asked Jan 27, 2013 by Flare
edited Jan 27, 2013 by Flare
what do you mean ?
I have little knowledge about TCG, but I'm pretty sure you can.

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Heatran is a basic Pokemon. "Put this card onto your Active Heatran. Heatran LV. X can use any attack, Poké-Power, or Poké-Body from its previous Level". so yes. you can. as long as its heatran! source

and my knowledge.

answered Jan 28, 2013 by Cleric BeserkerELG13
selected Jan 28, 2013 by Flare
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Well actually, an ex card has the same value as a Lv. X card. So you can just put the Lv. X on a regular Heatran

answered Jan 28, 2013 by Trainerblake