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Zangoose, math help needed?

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Ok I have a Zangoose with the ability Toxic Boost, holding a Toxic Orb, with the moves; Swords Dance, and Facade. I use the move Swords Dance 2 times, by then I've been poisoned by my Toxic orb. Then my Alakazam uses trick, giving it the Choice Band which boosts physical moves by 50%. Then I use Facade, which has stab. What is the final power of Facade?

asked Feb 8, 2013 by Invalid Username
That depends on your EVs -.-
Oh, ok. Sorry, I'm new. :P But honestly, use common sense. They're obviously in attack.

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Damage Formula

Zangoose max attack: 361
+ Toxic Boost: 541
+ Swords Dance (x2): 1623
+ Choice Band: 2434

1115 - 1312 damage

So I actually did all the math myself, then I remembered this: Pokemon damage calculator. So in the future, you can use this.

answered Feb 9, 2013 by 5th of November
selected Feb 9, 2013 by Invalid Username
Thanks for the answer, and the calculator! :D
That's some massive damage......