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How long to get Tree Pokemon?

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how long does it take vor a Pokemon to appear if you put honey on thee tree

asked Mar 10, 2013 by Maxorus!
sorry i apologies myself because i cannot write English very well.
( because i do this on my nitendo 3ds)

2 Answers

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Once Honey is slathered on one of the trees and at least 6 real-time hours have passed, a Pokémon may appear on the tree. If a tree is left unchecked for 24 hours, both the Honey and any Pokémon will be gone. Changing the internal Nintendo DS clock will have no impact on the progression of these 6 hours.

It'll take 6 hours for a Pokemon to appear in the honey trees.

answered Mar 10, 2013 by Candle
selected Mar 10, 2013 by Maxorus!
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answered Mar 10, 2013 by Enderdragon