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Aerodactyl or Crobat?

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they both have equal speed. and aerodactyl's attack is higher but idk why Crobat's stats are higher

asked Mar 22, 2013 by Lynx 33

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Personally I prefer Crobat because it has a pretty nice movepool and an immunity to Toxic which is always useful on a team. It is not as frail and can pull off a bulky offensive set which Areodactyl can not due to lack of Def. So yeah I would go with Crobat on the basis that you do not have a Stealth Rock user because Crobat is really useful at punching holes in certain Pokemon while making others useless with Toxic and Taunt whereas it doesn't have access to Stealth Rock unlike Areodactyl who does and can make a pretty effective lead with its blistering speed. The drop in Atk with using Crobat isn't such a problem if you need a Pokemon with the utilities that it has to offer whereas Areodactyl is slightly more offensive if you need an offensive Pokemon. Just don't expect to take any hit very well when using Areodactyl. That all said Crobat can actually pull off a nice CBand set which works nicely with U-turn and Brave Bird hitting very hard while keeping momentum. You may find that set more useful for an offensive role. It all depends on what your team needs.

answered Mar 22, 2013 by Blobyolo
selected Mar 24, 2013 by Lynx 33
thanks! but right now im choosin crobat. the immunity to toxic is nice. with great resistance to some moves
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You people are making it much harder on my Shiny Crobat's glory. Aerodactyl, a type-advantaged Pokemon, right? Too bad, Crobat is a beast. One of the fastest Pokemon in the game, and could surpass Deoxys's Speed Form with a good ability, Crobat is a little OP. It could easily take down a Aerodactyl with a simple Poison Type move, especially if that move is Physical. Crobat's Attack it extremely over the top, and we're talking about a Pokemon that started out as a tiny, unaprecciated bat that almost no one bothered to catch. If I hadn't of found a Shiny Zubat for myself to finally learn to respect it, I wouldn't be typing at all! THIS POKEMON DESERVES MORE PRAISE! And that's what I'm here for.

answered Apr 29, 2013 by Prowlered01
hey I got a shiny zubat too