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What is the longest bridge in the Unova region?

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I need to know so I can bike across it multiple times so my Pokemon in the daycare earn expeirience points.

asked Apr 16, 2013 by ~Swaglax~

2 Answers

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The Skyarrow Bridge is one of the three main bridges linking eastern Unova to central Unova. It is held up by four supporting towers and is the longest bridge in the region


answered Apr 16, 2013 by fondant
selected Apr 17, 2013 by ~Swaglax~
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The longest bridge is the Skyarrow Bridge connecting from Pinwheel Forest and Castelia City.

answered Apr 16, 2013 by luke777
thank you!i really need 2 train zweilous and last stage of solosis family.[cant remember the name :P]
that last stage of solosis is reuniclus
oh,thx.i nicknamed it Alex.heeeheee