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How do I control who I am in Explorers of Sky?

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I want my main character to be Eevee but I do not how to answer the questions so I become Eevee.

asked Apr 21, 2013 by ☆Frostily∞Froslass☆
Or can somebody post me a link to help me find out I wanna be an Eevee T_T

2 Answers

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What Pokemon you become is based off of how you answer the question when you begin the game.

Here's a link that'll guide you on how to get a specific item.
Eevee can only be a female and Jolly nature, so when they ask you if youre a boy or a girl, choose girl

answered Apr 21, 2013 by Candle
You earned my up vote, I was lazy and relied on a link. :P