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How do you get to liberty garden?

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I really wanna victini and I dont know how to get to the garden, plz help me

asked May 17, 2013 by EmøtionalDisater

1 Answer

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You need the Liberty Ticket, which was given in an event for the original Black/White that ended a long time ago. That means the only way to get Victini itself is to trade for it.

If you somehow get the Liberty Ticket, go to Castelia City and go on the boat to Liberty Garden.

EDIT: If you are playing Black/White 2, Liberty Garden is accessible without the Liberty Ticket, although Victini will not be present.

answered May 17, 2013 by ƒιzz
selected May 17, 2013 by EmøtionalDisater
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How do you get victini in black 2 what is there a berry or something that will call him