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Would Quirky Nature affect the Base Stats in any way?

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Just wondering. I caught a Lv. 55 Quirky Male Croagunk. Would that affect it's stats?

asked Jun 10, 2013 by Mega Evolution Guru

4 Answers

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No, as the Quirky Nature both Increases and Decreases the Special Defense Stat by 10%, resulting in a net gain of 0 (nothing xD).

answered Jun 10, 2013 by Enoch.EXE
1 vote

Quirky Nature itself will not, but the Pokemon's characteristics ("likes to run" etc.) will affect it's base stats.

answered Jun 10, 2013 by Jellohamster
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NO, it would not, same with Hardy, Docile, Bashful and Serious.


answered Jun 10, 2013 by Zorua0
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Quirky nature is a neutral nature so that means it does not increase or decrease stats in any way.

answered Jun 10, 2013 by shadowgiratina