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Does this combination of items work?

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I am ev training my axew and just got the power bracer, but its not strong enough to take down level 55 Golurks or higher. So I was hoping I could use the power bracer for Axew. To make my ev training easier. I am going to give my Samurott the power bracer, by the way.

asked Jun 19, 2013 by yannickfelix
edited Jun 20, 2013 by yannickfelix
I still dont understand the question. Edit the description so I know what you mean.

1 Answer

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A Pokemon can only hold 1 item, if you were asking about it having the Power Bracer AND exp. share. If you were going to give the Power Bracer to Axew and give the exp. share to another Pokemon, Axew will gain boosted ev's and a smaller amount of exp, and the Pokemon with the exp share will obtain no ev's, but it will get a small amount of exp.
I hope this answers your question! -Jellohamster

answered Jun 19, 2013 by Jellohamster
I thought they would gain base evs from the exp share without items.