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Toxic or Thunder Wave?

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I want to teach my Pokémon the move Hex, but I don't know which status move I should teach it. Please help!

asked Jun 20, 2013 by Nathaniel.
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4 Answers

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Thunder wave, definitely. Not only does it make the defending Pokemon have a 25% chance of not attacking, it also slows them down. I'll show you something:
Turn 1:
Foes Pokemon uses Surf
You use toxic.
Turn 2:
Foes Pokemon uses Surf
Your Pokemon fainted!
See, all it takes is a Pokemon with good Attack/Special Attack to 2-hit KO most
ghost-type Pokemon, which usually have low hp. You wont even get to use Hex! Now take a look at this:
Turn 1:
Foes Pokemon uses Surf
You use Thunder wave
Turn 2:
You use Hex.
See, a nice 100 power (or 150 with stab). Even if it doesn't KO, they still may not be able to move.
I also suggest another move: Will-O-Wisp. Halves Foe's attack and hurts them by a fair amount each turn. Also teach the Pokemon Calm Mind, which raises special attack AND special defence. Two-way-win there. Cover defences with will-o-wisp and Calm Mind, while raising special attack to an amount that makes Hex deadly. Also try Pain Split and Rest in the moveset, too. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Jellohamster
oi. lots of explanation. 1+ from me.
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Toxic. Because it does continuous damage and unless the defending Pokemon switches its all hell. plus it goes well with ghosts! ;P

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Cleric BeserkerELG13
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If its for wifi battling and all that jazz teach it toxic so it can wear down your enemies faster, if its just in-game any works but thunder wave is better so it can help you catch Pokemon without the risk of fainting it. Though there are better ghost type moves out there that you can use over hex, for example shadow ball.

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Aura Warrior
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Toxic in-game. In-game you don't have to put much thought into strategies and the main goal is to get as much damage off as you can. It doesn't matter in-game about out speeding as much as just making the other Pokemon faint.

If you are battling competitively, I still say Toxic. Toxic works better with Hex because it gets that extra damage off. But if you really worry about out speeding certain threats, Thunder Wave works well too, and your opponent can't move half of the time.

answered Jun 20, 2013 by JarJar~