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How do I beat the luxio tribe in explorers of time?

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I cant beat the luxio tribe and I cant bring reviver seed or oran berries because everytime I do the will just get plucked by dodrio! me and my partner both level 24

im a piplup with

my partner is a chimchar with
nasty plot

please Help!

asked Jul 12, 2013 by betl4eva
edited Jul 12, 2013 by betl4eva

1 Answer

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I would recommend you bring at least one of two things.
1: Vacuum cut CODE HERE:
1H63 FRCN J8M5
59NN H8K1 6F#Q
complete the mission (the site I got it from states its in the beach cave) and spam this move on the luxio (and luxray) the reason I recommend this is because of the fact it hits everyone in a room.
and 2: a higher level in which this seed will be presented to you from me and the guy who presented it to another guy who I found:
XP95 17R3 W-MX
++C7 92=Y WJ7K
this will raise the eaters level by 5!!!
oh yeah and there is a mission generator to let you get anything you want (a ground type partner anyone?) and I know this because ive played the mystery dungeon games (one of my first games actually)
Quick EDIT: You will need a few oran berrys and a possible reviver seed as well as using the wonder code generator you should get a Pokemon that has lightningrod so you dont get hit as badly with lightning strikes (i think ryhorn is default lightningrod)

answered Jul 12, 2013 by Proffessor Epic
selected Aug 19, 2013 by Aura Warrior