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What is a good moveset for Leavanny?

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asked Oct 18, 2010 by trachy
edited Feb 11, 2011 by Pokemaster
Likely tier: Neverused
It is much better than the other ones

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Ah, the classic weak Bug type Pokemon. And look, it even has two x4 weaknesses! How pathetic. This is the type of Pokemon that give Bug types such a bad image.

Ability: Swarm

EVs: Speed, Attack, Defense Nature: Jolly

Leaf Blade: At least it has this great Grass type attack.

X-Scissor: STAB.

Return: Neutral type coverage with good damage. Seeing as you need friendship to get this guy in the first place, it should already do good damage.

Swords Dance: If you manage to pull this off, you just might cause some damage.

answered Oct 18, 2010 by trachy
Good set, exactly what I was gonna post. Although personally I would go all-out on Attack/Speed EVs, Hahakurimo ain't gonna take many hits, even with a little defense boost.
You could switch in on a grass or ground type, take one reduced hit and hopefully get a Swords Dance in as they switch. I think it could be a nice little sweeper in the UU/NU bracket.
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Def.
YOU DARE SAY THAT BUG-TYPE POKEMON ARE WEAK?!?!(the caps were to make sure you understood)I have a RALLY of bug-types that are strong enough to defeat a TON of pokemon.(okay,I addmit that dragon-type pokemon are very strong and formmidable pokemon,but if ANYTHING,bug-types are strong and formmidable too)
No, I'm saying that each version will always have a Bug type that you can find early on that is pretty weak (example: Butterfree, Beautifly, Dustox)
It's meant to be weak because, like you said, you can find it pretty early in the game. Though, in that part of the game where you can get them, they are strong. Basically at around the 1st gym you will have a fully evolved pokemon already but in the 4th~ gym you pretty much easily replace that pokemon. I still think that the underestimated types are strong. (I am a fan of Bugs and Normals)
Was Paras found early in the games as well? Another x4 Flying and x4 (or more with Dry Skin) Fire weakness. I don't get it, why does Bug have no resistance to itself? And why does Grass have no resistance to Rock? Not like it could have saved Leavanny with its x4 weaknesses, but still. Horrible horrible typing.
I've only very rarely encountered an opponent using fire type moves online even with fire type pokemon. The x4 flying is a problem because everyone has at least one flying type or a pokemon who knows flying type attacks to counter grass types, although the same can be said about a lot of pokemon. Swamperts are fairly common to encounter and they have a x4 to grass. something a Leavanny would be useful for and a Leavanny can easily out speed a Swampert.. believe me, i use Swampert. Leavanny also seems to have pretty decent stats, what's the problem with it?

@ Fondant, Bug types have no resistant to itself and actually have a x2 weakness because the predation of bugs is a natural occurrence in real life. Its common knowledge that several species of female spiders will kill male spiders after mating and female preying mantises will bite the heads off of males after mating for example. It all makes sense but its annoying to have to add more weaknesses ontop of the several existing ones just because of real life facts.
Well.. with the prevalence of Talonflame, (Mega)Blaziken & the Mega-Charizards in the new meta, Leavanny is basically useless. It's gained a niche as a Sticky Web set up while holding sash, but even then, Galvantula is better because it only has 2 weaknesses and an amazing ability that lets it fire off Thunder without rain. I don't know what kind of battles you fought, but a fire type not carrying a fire move is really uncommon. Even bulky fire sets usually sport Lava Plume in order for a burn chance.

Leavanny has very circumstantial abilities, sparse movepool, no coverage moves, no access to any status moves that induce sleep to help it set up, mediocre stats and very poor typing.

Even if you needed a water/ground counter, you would use something with better typing/ more useful moves/ abilities, e.g. (Mega)Venusaur/ Tangrowth/ Amoongus/ Trevenant/ Gourgeist/ etc., that could do more for your team than just counter a water/ ground/ grass types.

As for Bug typing resistances, I take your point. I guess it's a bug eat bug world out there.
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EVs: Attack and Speed.
Adamant/Jolly of Nature.

Giga Impact: Your about to die in one hit, mine as well do your best with damage....

Leaf Blade: Yay.

X-Scizzor: YAY.

Swords Dance: Why not?

answered Oct 18, 2010 by Swampert
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Leavanny is actually one of my favorites from Unova. Same natures/IVs as everyone else, but I do have one twist on the moveset.

Ability: Swarm
X Scissor
Leaf Blade.

Basically, you sub up and use Toxic to waste away the opponent's hp. Once you've taken enough damage, either from the substitutes or stray hits, Swarm activates, and along with STAB, boosts X Scissor to 180 base power.

That is a very happy number for me.

answered Mar 19, 2011 by lpain
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This is my Leavanny. I like it.

Adamant Nature
Ability: Chlorophyll
252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
:Leaf Blade (STAB)
:X-Scissor (STAB)
:Me First (Because I thought it was Priority, but it's not.... it saved me soooooo many times against a Haxorus or Mienshao... itdiots always use Outrage/Acrobatics (respectively)
:Swords Dance (Need a buffer, it's pretty weak as is...)

answered May 4, 2011 by Yllwyck
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whats wrong with leavanny? good attack, ok, defense and all that is not good but same with espeon just give it a sash or some thing

focus sash
evs all out speed and attack
nature: whatever you want!
swords dance: power!!!
leaf blade: epic move STAB
x scizzor: good move STAB
slash: why not!

answered Aug 6, 2013 by Razing
edited Aug 6, 2013 by Razing
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Leavanny (F) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Chlorophyll
EVs: 248 Atk / 12 Def / 248 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Leaf Blade
- Shadow Claw
- X-Scissor
- Swords Dance

answered Apr 28, 2011 by trachy
edited Jul 16, 2011 by trachy
You've already posted an answer!!!
Your point being? I can post as many answers as I want for moveset questions. Undo your down vote. You have to remember that I am an editor. If it was against the rules, I wouldn't do it.
Why not just edit your old answer for it to be "Return/Shadow Claw"
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Double/Triple Battle

Leavanny (M) @ Life Orb/Heat Rock
Trait: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Entrainment
- X-Scissor
- Leaf Blade/Razor Leaf
- Reflect/Light Screen/Sunny Day

Best known as Regigigas support. It can also help out other Pokemon with poor abilities. Or, think of a powerful Fire type Pokemon with Chlorophyll. Magmortar for example. Leavanny is an incredible Pokemon thanks to Entrainment and Chlorophyll. If you don't already have a Pokemon that set up Sunny Day, you can also use Leavanny to do that. If you do have such a Pokemon though, use on of the dual screens depending on where your team is weak as well as Life orb. X-Scissor is STAB. Leaf Blade and Razor Leaf are STAB. The choice is between the higher power of Leaf Blade or the multiple Pokemon hitting of Razor Leaf.

answered Jan 22, 2012 by trachy
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Leavanny (F) @ Choice Band
Trait: Swarm
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- X-Scissor
- Leaf Blade
- Shadow Claw
- Retaliate

Can play revenge and can sweep.
X-scissor + Leaf Blade gives some great dual STAB.
Shadow claw provides nice coverage.
While Retaliate gives you neutral coverage, and a high powered move to come slaughter something with then switch out. ( Something that Leaf Blade can't hit neutrally )

answered Apr 17, 2012 by 10%
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I.... how can I say this in a better way. I don't like this Pokemon because It has Two 4x Weaknesses which is ermmm BAD. Leavanny ( M )

Nature: Modest/Adamant

Ability: Swarm

EVs: 325 Attack , 231 Defense , 301 Speed. :Adamant Modest: 261 Sp.Atk , 231 Defense , 301 Speed and 241 Attack. P.S. Mine is Modest and it has these stats. ^^

  • Leaf Blade: STAB Cool move because of STAB and high Critical hit-ratio.

  • XSisscor: STAB Another good move because of STAB and high critical hit-ratio.

  • Swords Dance: Useful move for Leaf Blade and Xsisscor.

  • Return/Bug Bite: Both good moves , I don't know which to pick.

Pros & Cons.

Pro: High attack. Good power with Leaf Blade and Swords Dance together. Decent speed and useful for alot of moves to coverage elite four or champion. HIgh Defense to avoid some moves that is pyshical. For example: Fire Fang. To avoid Fire/Flying types/moves , use a Focus Sash/Focus Band to endure it.

Con: It has low Health , It will get KO Hit by FIre and Flying types. Leavanny has LOW Special Defense , Special fire moves and flying moves with KO HIt it badly. Least but not least , Special Attack. I don't know why Burgh will give Leavanny Struggle Bug if Struggle Bug is Special and It has LOW Special Attack and Struggle Bug has LOW Power also , it is kinda useful because It lowers Special Attack stat and since Leavanny has LOW Sp.Def , IT will be perfect for Leavanny sometimes ( unless it has Modest Nature or Rash Nature it'll be OK).

I did Pros and Cons to show how Leavanny is perfect or not. I really hope this helps because I did alot of work on this. Good luck on your adventure Trachy.^^

answered Nov 25, 2012 by inferapemaster
edited Nov 25, 2012 by inferapemaster
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"You say weakness? I say potential."

Leavanny@Weakness Policy
Ability: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 Spd, 252 Atk, 4 Sp.A
-HP fire
-Poison Jab

answered Jan 28 by Almighty Aggron
Is this intended to be run on a sun team?  If not, Leavanny's too slow to run WP. I also advise running Knock Off and Leaf Blade over HP Fire and Poison Jab.
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"You say weakness? I say potential."

Leavanny@Weakness Policy
Ability: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 Spd, 252 Atk, 4 Sp.A
Nature: -Sp.D/Def +Spd
-HP fire
-Poison Jab

answered Jan 28 by Almighty Aggron
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Has no one seen that it gets Sticky Web?!

Leavanny @ Light Clay
Ability: Overcoat
Jolly Nature
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe
-Light Screen
-Sticky Web
-Knock Off

Sticky Web setter. That's really it.

answered Jan 28 by Radicool21
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Sunny Day Team

Adamant nature
252 attack 252 speed 6 health

Leaf Blade
Swords Dance
Sticky Web

This set has worked great for me. Works best with a sunny day team but I use mine along side my Mega Charizard Y. Sticky Web can be a major game changer and with very few Pokemon being able to learn it and even less qualified to be on competitive teams. Leavanny is about entry timing as well, the two 4x weaknesses suck but she also has two 1/4x resistances as well which can be enough to take advantage of the swords dance.

answered Mar 7 by DarkWeedle420
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Leavanny@LifeOrb (f) [swarm]
Swords Dance/StickyWebb
Leaf blade
Okay so leavanny is a great Pu lead because it has a nice speed tier and great atk, plus everybody expects stickyweb. Swords dance or knockoff on their switch (because levanny actually forces some switches) and proceed to ko. Anything that comes in is gonna get hurt by this guy. Knockoff is a fantastic spammable move, lead blade got the crit hax and swarm+STAB+LifeOrb X-Scissor just wrecks. I've 6-O'd unprepared teams a few times. A really good lead, but maybe outclassed by Kricketune.

answered Mar 11 by Seniorlittleballz
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Even though it has many weaknesses I think it's a good Pokemon, I have defeated whole parties in a row with only my shiny Leavanny.

Leavanny (F) EVs: Speed, Attack, HP
Ability: Chlorophyll
Item: SilverPowder
X-Scissor: Mad STAB and high accuracy.
Leaf Blade: Mad STAB too, high critical-hit ratio and covers rock weakness.
Aerial Ace: Never misses, great to quickly dispose of bug and fire weakness.
Razor Leaf: I use it mainly because it hits multiple targets and has better from average critical-hit ratio. It also covers rock weakness. I also like having extra PP in the grass move department since its good to dispose of weaknesses with water as second type (flying/water, ice/water)

Other good options for the fourth move could be Toxic (badly poisoned status is great for draining HP), Giga Impact (good finisher/last resort) and Electroweb (obviously because of flying weakness cover, but only avilable on gen VI).

answered Oct 10 by AndieAras26