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What is a mach capture?

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asked Jul 14, 2013 by scytherzilla

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The most important factors in determining the capture rank are:

The time it takes to capture the Pokemon
3 points for a Mach Capture (below 10 seconds I believe)
1 point for a Rapid Capture (above 10 seconds but below a unknown cutoff point)

The biggest number of consecutive loops
1 point for every full 5 loops in the sequence

The time for the fastest single loop
3 points for a Mach Loop (below 0.13 seconds)
1 point for a Speed Loop (above 0.13 seconds but below a unknown cutoff point)

Whether or not your styler got damaged
2 points for an undamaged styler

Whether or not you captured a Pokemon with a charged styler
5 points for a Charge Capture

Whether or not you used a Poke-assist that is super affective (not sure if it needs to hit or not)
1 point for a Good Assist

Whether or not all of the Pokemon that assisted got away undamaged (you need to use al least 1 assist for this one)
1 point for Pokemon No Release

you also get 3 points for a Boss Capture and perhaps a few more that I forgot

Your rank is determined by the total amount of points you get:
10 or more points = S Rank
5 to 9 points = A Rank
4 points or lower = B Rank,

answered Jul 14, 2013 by Jofly
selected Jul 14, 2013 by scytherzilla