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How do I check my memory card works?

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The game I have saved on heart gold has gone to a blackout screen whenever I click continue to resume and I've been told I should check if my memory card works... Is this internal to the game card or something in the DS? Either way how do I check it works?

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2 Answers

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The problem is likely on the game cartridge itself, since the game cartridge is the component that holds the SRAM memory (used for saving the game data), as well as the internal battery that is the power source for the game's ability to write the save data to the SRAM. Most hardware problems will be in either of those two components, which will mean your game won't work.

To check if your HGSS file works without "resuming" the actual file, go to the Pokéwalker menu and see if you can access more than one route (NOTE: if you've never used the Walker before, you've likely not unlocked any more than one or two? routes) and then if you can see all of your Pokémon (in your party and in your boxes).

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I'm not 100% sure myself, but I'll try to help the best I can. I think that may be the SD card. I don't know if the DS has one but I think there's an internal thing you have to look at. Probably from the back. On a DSi, However, there is a little slot on the side that flips open that holds an SD card (if it came with one). If not then it's the internal memory card.

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