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What Are the best Priority Users in NU?

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I like to Have Priority on my team, I recently got into NU....

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I'll list the more popular/ common users of priority moves in NU.

Aqua Jet
- Samurott
- Floatzel

Sucker Punch
- Kangaskhan
- Arbok
- Cacturne
- Purugly

Fake Out
- Kangaskhan
- Purugly

Bullet Punch
- Machoke (Eviolite)
- Metang (Eviolite)

- Sneasel

Ice Shard
- Sneasel
- Piloswine (Eviolite)
- Lapras

Mach Punch
- Gurdurr (Eviolite)

Quick Attack
- Swellow

Extreme Speed
- Dragonair (Eviolite)

And Liepard's Prankster, which gives it +1 to any non-attacking moves.

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Also Skuntank gets Pursuit and Sucker Punch, I've seen both Used... i think i'll get A floatzel thanks. +1
Oh I forgot Skuntank; I haven't seen it in NU lately, don't know why.