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Can you capture a murkrow on platinum?

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Ive just got platinum and im thinking of a team and I realy want a murcrow as my flying type

asked Oct 24, 2010 by dster
edited Oct 25, 2010 by trachy

4 Answers

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No... misdreaves, stunky, and murkrow are not available in platinum, you have to trade for them. they are however available in diamond and pearl.

answered Oct 25, 2010 by Speed freak
edited Nov 14, 2010 by Pokemaster
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Yes. You can get one in the forest part at night night I'm pretty sure.

answered Oct 24, 2010 by Dragonite246
Wrong look it up
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Yes. I captured mine in eterna forest at night. Round by the old Chataeu.

answered Oct 25, 2010 by StarMightyena
Incorrect if you look at serrebi they have list of pokemon you can't get in platinum murkrow is one of them
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Actually you can get murkrow on platinum, coz I've got platinum and I've got one but murkrow is really hard to catch. eterna forest is where to catch them you'd probably get the level quite low but I found it here.
as you enter eterna forest go up to the left corner and the grass there gets murkrows regulary.

answered Oct 26, 2010 by ms69936