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Which is more protected, Aggron or Bastiodon?

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Both Aggron and Bastiodon are rock- and steel- types, so they share the same weakness. Bastiodon has more balanced defenses, while Aggron has a good Defense and weak Sp.Def. It is hard to tell which type of attack an opponent will use, physical or special. Should I go for balanced defense or physical defense?

asked Aug 7, 2013 by SamurottFan24

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Well the thing is that most of the threat is coming from fighting and ground which have physical attacks as their strongest example earthquake,hammer arm and so with fighting types is that they have a bad sp attack or no special moves so defence covers that and ground has a lack of strong sp attack moves so aggron is the better choice stat compare
Sp attack:60
Sp defence:60
Sp attack:47
So bastiodon is barely useful for anything except just sitting there so aggron all the way

answered Aug 7, 2013 by proffesor gary oak 3
selected Aug 9, 2013 by SamurottFan24
1 vote got the parts about their defenses right, but aggron has more attack. if it takes you five turns to defeat an opponent then they have five turns to defeat you. aggron has a base attack stat of 110 and bastiodon has a base attack stat of 52, more than half of aggrons.

BUT bastiodon has extremely high sp.defense, much higher than aggrons....they seem pretty balanced, but bastiodon is muchmuchmuch better at defense/sp.defense, while aggron is a better attacker.

And sorry I rambled without truly answering your question so here I go. I would go for more balanced defenses, because you could end up fighting someone that uses sp.attacks. and losing.

the answer to ur question is bastiodon

answered Aug 7, 2013 by ƧhinyDitto