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Where's Absol?

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I have bee looking for an Absol for little over a month now and cannot find one. Where do you find one, which pokeball is the best to use, and what do you do to find one?

asked Oct 25, 2010 by StarMightyena

1 Answer

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Well Absol can be found in route 120 ( Ruby, Saphire and Esmerald)
In pokemon diamond and Pearl it can be found in route 213 but only as a Mass Outbreak.
In Platinium you find it in the snow part at Mt. Coronet.
You only have to walk in grass and if you're luckly it will appear very soon.
I would suggest use a great ball, but first low the HP and put it to sleep, into a Paralysis, or Frozen.

answered Oct 25, 2010 by CuteSkitty
Or wait until night and use a dusk ball :)