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Name All Of Iris`s Unova Pokemon and Their Final Movesets?

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In Rival Destinies and Adventures in Unova

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Scratch, Outrage, Dragon Rage, Giga Impact


Dig, Drill Run, Metal Claw, Mud Slap, Fury Swipes, Focus Blast


Attract, Discharge, Volt Switch, Hidden Power


Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Ice Beam, Dragon Rush


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Iris really doesn't have many Pokemon.... :P
Axew - Scratch/Dragon Rage/Outrage/Giga Impact
Excadrill - Dig/Drill Run/Metal Claw/Mud Slap/Fury Swipes/Focus Blast
Emolga - Attract/Volt Switch/Discharge/Hidden Power
Dragonite - Flamethrower/Thunderpunch/Ice Beam/Dragon Rush

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