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How can I obtain any level 1 Legendary in any game?

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I would prefer the answer to be for Black/White/Black 2/White 2,
But I don't mind if the answer is for another game i.e. soul silver/Heart gold

Thanks to whoever answers!

asked Sep 8, 2013 by !Barx101!

1 Answer

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You can't in most cases without hacking.

You could get Palkia/ Dialga/ Giratina at level 1 via an Arceus event in HGSS, but otherwise there is no way to obtain any other level 1 legendary without hacking. The Arceus event has also long passed.

answered Sep 8, 2013 by fondant
selected Sep 8, 2013 by !Barx101!
Does Phione count as a Legendary?
It's debated even within Pokemon. It's ultimately up to the individual. I personally don't count it as legendary, simply because you can breed an infinite amount of Phiones. You can't do that with any other legendary.