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What is a better way to max out return?

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should I max out return using the battle subway way circle and putting stuff on my ds buttons when I sleep to max out return?or another way?

asked Sep 15, 2013 by pokemanfan3

2 Answers

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That link will show you what raises happiness, and others. So I recommend the soothe bell, and you can EV train. You can also level grind. Again, you need a lot of steps to max out the happiness that way. Alternatively you can just lower all the happiness and then teach it frustration.

answered Sep 15, 2013 by LeDragónTamer
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The Ev berrys can help considering that you have no Evs in a Stat you can feed your Pokemon until it's happy with no drawback. You can also pay for meals or grooming in Join Avenue.

answered Sep 16, 2013 by kyuubi