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What are all of the wonder mail codes for Pokemon mystery dungeon EOD?

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And when you can use them?

asked Sep 23, 2013 by Enderdragon
This is one tall order...

2 Answers

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Game FAQ: EOD Wonder Mail Codes
^ That should be the full list. Or least, it'll keep you busy until Christmas.

answered Sep 23, 2013 by fondant
selected Sep 23, 2013 by Enderdragon
I think I'll be busy till next year! Thanks for the list!
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It is possible to use a Wonder Mail Generator to create a code for a mission for any reward, even one that could never happen in-game.

So it's impossible to get all of them? :3

Well I'm not going to type them all up, but I think this site has alot of them
As for 'when' you use them, they activate when you are at the corresponding mission... anyway, the site also tells you what that is.

answered Sep 23, 2013 by Sempiternus
Thanks for the list!