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When meloetta is pirouette form, does it change back to aria forme automatically after the battle?

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im trading with my friend next friday for his meloetta for a lv 1-10 Pokemon. but I'm afraid that if I use relic song and it changes to pirouette forme, could it change back to aria forme? because I care about the looks on the Pokemon :3 I like aria forme better then pirouette forme. I was also REALLY scared if meloetta will still be pirouette form because I dont want it to stay like that forever, so you guys, please tell if meloetta will be aria forme still

asked Oct 5, 2013 by TheSongList
edited Oct 5, 2013 by TheSongList

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Yes, also when:
- You switch it out
- Use Relic Song again
- Lastly faint her

answered Oct 5, 2013 by $tarPower
selected Jun 4, 2014 by &Psychic x
In other words don't worry she'll go back after the battle is over. :P