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What are good skill swap combos?

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I have never heard of or tried basing a team around skill swap, but I'd like to give it a go. What are good Pokemon to use skill swap and what Pokemon are good to recieve it? Any thoughts are appreciated.

asked Oct 16, 2013 by EPICWIZARD13

2 Answers

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Triple battle: Gardevoir(example) uses skill swap on eelektross(giving it trace or synchronize), then using skill swap again on Drapion, giving it(Drapion) no weaknesses

answered Oct 16, 2013 by Almighty Derpados
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It would have to be doubles, because if you play singles with Skill Swap, you're essentially leaving everything up to chance. There's also nothing with a disadvantageous ability that can learn Skill Swap, e.g. Truant.

In doubles, it's mostly with Truant that people use skill swap, Slaking being the main one. You have Slaking and something that can use Skill Swap, e.g. Blissey. You Skill Swap Truant with Blissey as Slaking attacks, and then get Blissey to Skill Swap Truant to an opposing Pokemon to make them useless every other turn, and while they can just switch out, it's presumed that it's not a particularly desirable option, as switching in doubles is much more risky than switching in singles.

I have to say though, Skill Swap is pretty gimmicky. For all its worth, you could spend the time using Skill Swap doing something more useful, like setting up screens, or using Pokemon with abilities like Drizzle + Swift Swim, which activate on their own and don't waste a turn.

answered Oct 16, 2013 by fondant