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What would be a good non-legendary replacement for Zapdos?

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I'm use Zapdos with the moveset (Roost-Substitute-Toxic-Thunderbolt) it has proven useful on shoddy,but I don't like to train legendaries,so in my game I want someone who's as fast as it,with a not much weaknesses,and with the same moveset(perhaps some moves can be switched). I was thinking of Yanmega for Speed Boost but Yanmega has many weaknesses.and I also thought of what Pokemon should I use?

asked Nov 25, 2010 by Shxatoap
edited Nov 25, 2010 by Shxatoap

2 Answers

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A Dunsparce that is EV'd in HP and Attack can also be very annoying! Roost, Headbutt, Rock Slide, and Glare / Earthquake is all you need, my friend.

Because of Serene Grace, Dunsparce's STAB Headbutt or Rock Slide can be extremely useful. Use Glare for Para-fusion, or Earthquake to hit back Steel-types.

answered Nov 25, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~
Isn't thunderwave better?
Only you Will would suggest Dunsparce over Gliscor.
You use Glare to Para-flinch Ground-types, Sh7.

Really Trachy, with a 60% chance to flinch, coupled with a 25% chance of not moving due to paralysis, can you really doubt Dunsparce's usefulness on a team? Stats mean nothing if the opponent literally can't act with them.
Problem with Dunsparce is its tendency to get OHKOd before it can do anything. It is slower than most foes it will face, and low defenses means it can easily be defeated.
But Para-Flinch works only for fast Pokemon, If I use it on really fast Pokemon it will not work
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Gliscor is a very good annoyer. It has STAB Earthquake, Roost, Taunt (which is very important for "annoying"), fairly high speed, and is immune to both Electric and Ground types. Gliscor is considered to be the best annoyer in the game by plenty of people.

answered Nov 25, 2010 by trachy