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Where are all of Mr. O-Power's locations?

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I know he goes to every hotel and Pokemon center, but is there a place I'm missing?

asked Oct 21, 2013 by SparkyBlaziken

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Mr. O Power (better known as Mr. Bonding. In fact, it actually is his name xD) is found in the following locations.

Route 5
Attack Power
Defense Power
HP Restoring Power
Capture Power

Anistar City Pokémon Cente
Exp. Point Power

Cyllage City Hotel
Prize Money Power

Camphier Hotel
Sp. Attack Power

Ambrette Hotel
Sp. Defense Power

Dendemille Town Pokémon Center
Accuracy Power

Geosenge Hotel
Speed Power

Befriending Power
Laverre City Pokémon Center
Encounter Power (NOTE: cannot be sent to other people)

Couriway Town Hotel
Stealth Power (NOTE: cannot be sent to other people)

Snowbelle City
PP Restoring Power

Lumiose City - Hotel Richissime
Bargain Power

Shalour City - Pokémon Center
Critical Power

Hope I helped. :)

answered Oct 21, 2013 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
selected Oct 24, 2013 by SparkyBlaziken
lol my bad xD But thanks a lot! It turns out that I found him in all of the locations already..
Woo thanks~
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