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Do trapping abilities affect Ghost types in X and Y?

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I remember reading somewhere that tapping moves (like Mean Look) no longer affect Ghosts in X and Y. Are Ghosts also unaffected by trapping abilities like Arena Trap and Shadow Tag as well?

asked Oct 23, 2013 by MeloettaMelody

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Pokémon X&Y The Official Kalos Region Guidebook:

"Ghost-type Pokémon are not affected by moves that prevent Pokémon
from fleeing from battle."

answered Oct 23, 2013 by Miles07
selected Oct 23, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
yea, that's what I mean - it says moves. Does that include abilities or is it just limited to moves?
The way to test would be to take a Honedge to Reflection Cave and find a Wobuffet... BRB
AND YES, Ghost-types can switch out even if the foe has Shadow Tag.
cool, thanks