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When did Chandelure & Scolipede's hidden abilities change?

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Chandelure's used to be Shadow Tag (or at least was listed as that), but now it's Infiltrator.

Same with Scolipede; it used to be Quick Feet, and now it's Speed Boost.

Or do they now have 2 hidden abilities...?

asked Nov 7, 2013 by fondant
where did you get this info?
Smogon, Serebii & Bulbapedia.

1 Answer

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They changed this generation. They got replaced.

answered Nov 7, 2013 by Mewderator
selected Nov 7, 2013 by fondant
So that means that Shadow Tag Chandelure will never come out D:
We still got Shadow Tag Gothitelle.
No Shadow Tag? Poor Chandelure :(