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Where to find a Seedot in HG/SS?

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According to the ingame Pokedex, it can be found at the Viridian Forest, however I cannot find one from the usual methods (tall grass, headbutt trees, etc.)

How exactly can I find one, or can I find one elsewhere?

asked Dec 6, 2010 by ƒιzz
edited Nov 23, 2012 by ƒιzz
Gabstersaur is a liar. There are only Hoothoot, Combee, and Slakoth in those four trees.

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Remember that they are limeted in Viridian Forest. And, sorry to say this, but that is the only place to find a wild one. Unless you want to trade with someone. Oh, don't bother using honey or Hoenn sound, use Headbutt, they only live in the trees.

answered Nov 21, 2012 by scarydragon
selected Nov 23, 2012 by ƒιzz