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Why can't I find mega stones?

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I have upgraded my mega ring I have beat my rival twice and beaten the elite four.. At 8 I try t find them and there never there... Did I miss something or what...

asked Nov 15, 2013 by Matthew968

2 Answers

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Well, you can check seribii for the mega stones location. They have all. And you can buy them somewhere, I think. Good luck!

answered Nov 15, 2013 by WhiteKyurem.
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This is how you get the starter Mega-Stones. Let's say that you chose Charmander and got Charizardnite. If you go to Vernal Avenue Stone Emporium. There you can buy Venusaurite and Blastoisenite. They can be sold for a lower price, but then you need to get stylish (Won't write on how to get stylish.).

I'll be lazy and give you this link, this link will show you how to get the rest of the Mega-Stones-

Mega-Stones location

Good Luck!

answered Nov 15, 2013 by Dark_Breeder