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Can I get a Garchomp in White 2?

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I really want a dragon team but I cant seem to find Gible, Gabite or Garchomp on the game. Please tell me if I can get one and where!

asked Dec 6, 2013 by Xerneas3
Nope! You have to trade it

2 Answers

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Sorry but you can't get one in white 2, but you can get one in black 2 as a gift from Benga for defeating him in black tower.

answered Dec 6, 2013 by Landorus
It's SHINY. :3
Just to note, in your version you can talk to Benga and get a shiny Dratini, no? :3
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No you cannot get a Garchomp in White 2 but you can get a Shiny Dratini which I think is good because Dragonite is a pretty good Dragon type and to get the Dratini you need to beat White Tree Hollow ( I think that is what it is called ) and once you beat it you got to go to Alders house and he wil give you it.

Hope this helped.

answered Dec 7, 2013 by GengarTheGreat