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What so Good about Ninjask and Lapras?

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I had a question earlyer and alot of the answers had Lapras and Ninjask. Whats so good about them?

asked Dec 15, 2010 by Gabstersaur

2 Answers

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Well ninjask is the fastest pokemon ever aside from deoxysis speed form. and Lapras has good typing, a good movepool, and defensive capabilities. Ninjask is the fastest baton passer.

answered Dec 15, 2010 by Speed freak
And don't forget Lapras's ability to heal when getting hit by Water type moves, and it having a massive HP stat.
And it learns sheer cold(lapras).
3 votes

Ninjask is considered one of the best Baton Passers, as it will almost always Pass a speed boost and a Swords Dance if played well. Lapras, well Lapras is NU, it isn't really good anymore, although it was good back in th old days.

answered Dec 17, 2010 by trachy