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Can I Max-Out my EV's before leveling my Pokemon up? (Pokemon X/Y)?

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I just got Pokemon Y for Christmas, and after researching the starters, I chose Froakie because I love fast Pokemon (and he's really cute :P ). I started Super-Training him right away, but I am a little confused about the EVs. Can I max out his Speed and Satk EV's before I really level him a lot? Or will he not gain as good stat boosts if I max them too early? I hope it doesn't make a difference because he has a Hasty nature and I really don't want that Speed to go to waste.


P.S. is it possible to remove any EV's I used winning the first battle or catching a Pokemon?

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I'd suggest EV training after you beat the game since, you will have more time to breed for Pokemon, Natures, IVs, Etc. :3

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You can max them whenever you want.
It won't have any effect on the stats whatsoever on your Greninja. However, all of the EVs won't take effect at one level.

Source: EV Training a Togekiss as a Level 1 Togepi

And, yes, you can reset EVs through a Reset Bag or EV lowering Berries

Source: Experience

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Thanks! That's awesome. How long do you think it will take to EV train him in both stats? Also, this means he can't gain anymore EVs after that, so I can play through the game with him. The only Pokemon I gained other EV's from are maybe two defense (I fought 2 scatterbugs), Fennekin, because of the starter battle at the beginning, and Fletchling, Zigzagoons, and a Pidgey, but for them I'm okay because they give Speed EVs anyway. Since it takes 252 to max a stat, that means I have leftover EV possiblities, and I can still max speed and SPatk, right?
Yeah. Since you fought Pokemon that give out Speed EVs, that benefits you. You can max out the stats and have 2 leftover EVs (which won't matter)
Awesome. I'm gonna max out SPatk now, because it just gave me the message "Mini Ninja (my Froakie)'s base speed won't go any higher!"

EDIT: his speed stat isn't at the end of the diagram though, does this matter? OR will it reach the end by the time he is fully evolved/at max level? Considering he is only level 9. Either way it may be okay because when the names of the stats at the end of the diagram show up, the speed touches all the way to the word "Speed" sorry I don't know how to explain it very well.
If the stat touches the word, you're fine.
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Yes, you can max put the evs
Once at a really high level your Greninja will have a +63 in your speed and sp. Atkins stats compared to other greninja who don't ev train

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You can max out a Pokemon's EVs at ANY level you wish. You will get the same boosts from Super-Training at Lv1 as you would at Lv99.

Because you're new to 6th Gen I will remind you or tell you if you haven't discovered or heard of the new EV technique which is so easy compared to Super-Training. Although you can only do it a little further in the game but it's good to keep in mind as you can fully EV train multiple Pokemon at a time within 5-6 hoard battles. The method is here

And yes you can reset a Pokemon's EVs, however it erases every single EV you've obtained. You can find out how to do that here. You basically just keep hitting the blank punching bag on the Super-Training screen on the bottom of your DS and it will randomly give you bags and one of them will eventually be a 'Reset Bag' have a Pokemon beat that and it will have 0 EVs. The link will demonstrate and explain it a lot better than doing it verbally.

... Happy Christmas!

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