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If I have Y can I get Charizardite X?

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also can you get the mega stone for venasaur if you chose Charizard?

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No, the only way to get it is through trading from X.

But, you can get the Venusaurite in the Stone Emporium at Lumiose City if it wasn't your starter!


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Yeah, but the only way is to trade for one.

As for your second question, yes you can. You can buy it at the Stone Emporium is Lumiose City, The price will start out high, but the more stylish you are, the lower the price.


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Wot D:?
You can only buy the Charizardite X in X version :D
Yea but what's the likelinessthey'll allow their Pokemon to hold a mea stone!
I'd have to trade with myself.