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Does chain fishing give 3 perfect IVs past chain 60 like regular chaining does?

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Past chain 60 in grass, you'll get 3 random perfect IVs in each Pokemon you encounter.

Does this work for chain fishing?

asked Dec 31, 2013 by fondant
According to this thread on Serebii:
There will be a maximum of 3 perfect IVs after a number of consecutive fishes. I can't find the exact number though. D:
Wait, 60+ chain grants 3 perfect IVs?
*PIcks up pokéradar*
*searches for next 12 hours in Pokemon village*
2 Ditto and I can get Max IVs on 1 pokemon o3o
but they have to have different IVs -.-'
I think it's very likely that you also get 2 perfect IVs past chain 40. I got 3 shinies past that number and they all had 2 perfect IVs each. You might also get 1 perfect past 30, since I got one at chain ~36 and it had 1 perfect IV.
What the heck is IV?
Oh, wait that's a question. :D
Pokemon that have been consecutively fished 50 times do not get any perfect IVs.

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Phew! After spending an hour chain fishing,I finally got your answer.
No,chain fishing does not give 3 perfect IVs past chain 60. I was chain fishing and I caught the Pokemon that came on 61st,62nd and 63rd chain( they were Clawitzers if you are wondering) and they did not have 3 perfect IVs.They had two pefect IVs.

Hope I helped! (And I really hope you like this answer because I spent a lot of time to find the answer to this question!)

answered Jan 7, 2014 by ZekromMaster
selected Jan 7, 2014 by fondant
Thanks! Do you have any record of when they had either 1 or 3 perfect IVs? :O